Google Nexus 5 might not come with a MEMS camera

LG Nexus 5 ExteriorYesterday we reported about the rumours which hinted about the possibility of MEMS camera in Google Nexus 5. But this might not be the case according to the latest reports. The previous report was based on fact that the string “IMX179” was seen in the logs and the reporters thought that it was referring to some component. Now when the string searched in Google, there was a component listed which is from Digital Optics.

Now considering the fact that Digital Optics is the creators of MEMS camera, this made people to believe that Nexus 5 is going to feature this camera. But when looked closer, the model number “IMX179” can be linked to a Sony camera lens which was featured in Meizu MX3 from China which was launched recently. Keeping that aside, now remember how we said how this particular number is linked to Digital Optics? The fact is Digital Optics is using one of their modules in a camera lens from Sony, and guess what, the model number of this Sony camera lens is the same we got from the Nexus 5 logs.

Too bad if this is the real case. It was fun while it lasted.


Source: Droid-Life

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