Google Nexus 5 taken down from Play store after being online for some time

LG Nexus 5Nexus 5 rumours were going very strong until now and some of them came with the price tag. Just when we though why Google is not doing anything about the rumours, Google themselves gave us a sneakpeak by posting the Nexus 5 on their marketplace Play store. The fun lasted for some time before it was taken down from the Google Play store. But not many people knew about this until it was taken down. Anyway if you think you missed the fun, don’t worry,. We have the screenshot of the Nexus 45 listing on Google Play Store.

Nexus 5 Listing On Google PlayNexus 5 Listing On Google Play

Nexus 5 Listing On Google Play

The listing was live with the price tag of Nexus 5 which is almost $50+ when compared with the leaked Nexus 5 price tags which we reported about a couple of weeks ago. The Nexus 5 google play link is now defunct. Anyway let us know your thoughts on the device by commenting below.

Source: Android Central

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