Google Photos works even after uninstallation

Many apps that users download from Play Store, Apple Store, or any other store available online, have some preset options that help them run smoother and do not require the user to do much. However, some apps seem to keep those options even after the user removes them from the smartphone or the tablet. That is the case with Google Photos app, a pictures and videos sharing and storage service provided by Google.

In more details, according to “The Verge”, Google Photos keeps backups of your photos to the cloud even after you decide to delete it.

The Android app of Google Photos has the photo backup option turned on in the settings as a preset, so it keeps uploading photos to the cloud. To stop this one will have to turn off the said option from the setting. But still, the thing is that this option is found on the Google Settings and not the Settings of the Google Photos app, as we’d all expect.

Some users found out that this was going on, when they saw pictures that they had deleted it on their online account, even though the app had been deleted from their smartphones or their tablets. The automatic backup download procedure remains turned on, without the user knowing.

Furthermore, “The Verge” advises people type “Google Photo” in the phone’s search in order to find the appropriate menu and deactivate the option that is left on and will probably annoy many users.

If you want to get rid of this problem, all you have to do is go to the Google Settings and turn off the photos backup option. Then you’ll be good to go!

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