Google Play 2nd Birthday deals now live in India too

Google Play 2nd Birthday

Google is celebrating the 2nd birthday of their Play Store by offering deals. The deals went live in part of the world a couple of days before and deals in the US went live there yesterday. But all this time no deals were being shown for Indian users, that is until now. As of now Google has launched their deals for Indian customers too. The deals page can be accessed using this link: Google Play 2nd Birthday Deals link for India. The Play Store deals link in the US and other part of the world can be accessed through this link: Google Play 2nd Birthday Deals link.

For Indian users the number of deals are much less compared to other western parts of the world. For now there are 15 applications that are on sale. You may not want to miss this, so why wait, head on to the above link and download all your favorite apps from the deals page.

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