Google Now to remind you to pay your bills

Google-NowGoogle Now is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google that is available within the Google Search mobile application for the Android and iOS operating systems. Google Now started to bring you weather reports, sports scores, commute info, meeting reminders, and more. It looks like it may be about to add another nice feature. Google Now may soon remind you to pay your bills.

This feature is being assumed once again from a bit of code that was found by the good guys over at Android Police. Google is getting ready to offer reminders based on when you have bills due, including credit card bills, or utilities. It seems like it will be pulling this data from your Gmail, so it might count on you having the notice email in your inbox. But, it does appear as though it will offer a bit more than just reminders; it could link you directly to the website where you’d pay the bill, and show you your previous month’s balance.

This could certainly be a nice feature, but we’re a bit more excited to see the last feature that was found in the code: inferred events. That seems much more interesting, because it would automatically add events to your Google Calendar if you mention an event in a Hangout chat or email. Either way, Google now is continuing to get better and better, certainly the future of personal assistants.

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