Google to shutdown Schemer, download your data before February 7th

Google Schemer  to ShutdownGoogle has announced that they will be shutting down their Schemer service and app. It was launched 2 years ago but never really kicked off. The app itself was only updated a few times and there were no frequent new features release. Its not that difficult to believe why it never got a good user base considering Google never gave it much attention.

The idea of Schemer was pretty good and simple. You can note down all the things you want to do in your life and mingle with other people who share the same interests, ie people who want to do the same things like you or people who have already done that. It is like a digital bucket list.

If you were never a user, don’t bother trying it out now. But if you were a user you have until February 7th before you could download all your Schemes and save it. After February 7th the service will be shutdown and all the data associated will deleted from Google’s servers. Google is suggesting Schemer’s users to Google’s field trip app.

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