Google To Launch Google Maps on iOS6

Google Maps on IOS6After Apples maps-gate fiasco which resulted in Apple removing Googles own maps application from their system in the iOS6 update, news has filtered onto the internet today via Forbes that Google is hard at work on their own iOS maps application for iOS6, much to the joy of those critical of Apple Maps.

The source also states that the new application is being integrated with Google Earth to add a more immersive viewing experiencing when using the application. Unlike the one we came to know on older iOS systems, this new application has been given an overhaul. Google has been unusually quiet about what is doing around developing a map application for iOS but many think that this was because they wanted Apple to get bad publicity surrounding their errors due to recent court cases. Regardless of the reason behind their silence, these leaked photos show that Google are infact hard at work to make a new version of their beloved application to satisfy iPhone users. The only problem point is that nobody knows when the new application will become available although speculation points to the fact that we may get it by the end of the year.

There are four main facts which have been revealed about the new application by developer Ben Guild who posted pictures of the app in its alpha stage on his blog. The four facts that were revealed are as follows:

  • The application has been optimized to fit on the new 4 inch iPhone 5 screen
  • The application is much faster than its predecessor
  • The new application is vector based which means it stores data as lines and points as opposed to pixels. This means for those that are data plan conscious, the only data stored is data that matters.
  • As with Apple maps, it uses two finger rotation to maneuver around any angle.

Are you excited about the impending release of Google Maps on iOS6 ? Whats wrong with Apple maps for you? Let us know below!


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