Google wants to trademark the word ‘Glass’

Google Glass

Reports out of the Wall Street Journal are saying that Google want to trademark the word ‘Glass’, and have been trying so for the past year. The company has successfully received a trademark for “Google Glass” but have been unsuccessful in trademarking the singular word “Glass”.

According to the report, Google first submitted their application to trademark “Glass” with their futuristic font last year. Shortly after, Google heard back from the Patent office and informed that the word could not be trademarked. The reason given was that the trademark was too similar to other existing and pending computer software trademarks. It could also lead to consumer confusion according to the examiner.

The trademark examiner also claimed that the word “Glass”, even when written in its classic font, is “merely descriptive.” According to federal law, words that describe a product cannot be trademarked. “Google, like many businesses, takes routine steps to protect and register its trademarks,” a Google spokesman said.

In response to the ruling, Google have said that due to the immense amount of publicity given to Google Glass, its trademark would in fact not cause any confusion. The company also said that the word “Glass” is not descriptive for its product, given that “the frame and display components of the Glass device do not consist of glass at all,” but rather are made from titanium and plastic.


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