Are Googles employees giving up on Google Glass?

Google Glass Red

Google Glass is a product that generate a heck of a lot of hype and buzz in 2013 but it seems that the very same hype that bought it to the world is indeed dying down. According to Glass-evangelist Robert Scoble, even Google’s own employees are beginning to give up on the product.

I’m also worried at a new trend: I rarely see Google employees wearing theirs anymore. Most say “I just don’t like advertising that I work for Google.” I understand that. Quite a few people assume I work for Google when they see me with mine. I just hope it doesn’t mean that Google’s average employee won’t support it. That is really what killed the tablet PC efforts inside Microsoft until Apple forced them to react due to popularity of iPad.

The very idea of Glass is that it allows the user to read their email or texts  without having to pull out their phone and be seen as rude. The idea is that pulling out our phones make us distracted, and so we miss those big moments in life. However, Wired’s own Mat Honan says that Google Glass is actually considered just as rude and even weird to people.

“My Glass experiences have left me a little wary of wearables because I’m never sure where they’re welcome. I’m not wearing my $1,500 face computer on public transit where there’s a good chance it might be yanked from my face. I won’t wear it out to dinner, because it seems as rude as holding a phone in my hand during a meal. I won’t wear it to a bar. I won’t wear it to a movie. I can’t wear it to the playground or my kid’s school because sometimes it scares children.”

If people such as Honan, Scoble or even Google’s own employees don’t take to wearing the product, it will never become the mainstream product that Google want it to become.

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