Google’s Motorola Moto X Launched

Moto X Black Rear[alert style=”alert-info” title=”Post being updated..”]This is a still developing story, so be sure to check this post often. More info about Moto X availability, features etc will be added as they get revealed.[/alert]

So finally the day is here. Google’s Moto X and the phone sure looks really nice. Almost every rumour from different sources turned out to be true, thanks to all the rumour sources! Anyway here is a quick look though Motorola Moto X specs, features, price and availability.

First of lets go through the specs of Moto X:

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Now I guess we already have an idea of the features of Moto X from the rumours. So if you missed the rumours and other leaks this will help you.

  • Highly customisable
  • X8 mobile computing system with a Snapdragon S4 pro and a 1.7 GHz dual core Krait CPU
  • 10 mega pixel camera which can record full HD videos at 60fps which can be played back in slow motion(30fps)
  • Moto X configurator available only for AT&T customers.
  • Surprisingly compact even with a 4.7-inch screen.
  • 24 hours of average use.

Availability And Price:

As of now Moto X is announced for both USA and Canada. In USA the phone is available in a lot of different colours and customizations whereas in Canada Moto X is only available in 2 colours, ie., black and white. but hopefully the customization feature will head to Canada too soon. When it comes to the pricing, Moto X will be available for $199 with a contract in USA while in Canada the phone comes with a 2 year contract and a price tag of $190.

Here are few images of Moto X:

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