Google’s UK share dropped to 90%

Google remains the search engine of choice in many countries worldwide but Experian Hitwise, a firm that monitors Internet traffic says that Google’s UK share dropped to its lowest percentage in five years.

Figures released in October by the company suggest that around 89.33% of web searches in Britain were made using the Google search engine.

Its main rivals, such as Microsoft’s Bing search engine currently has around 5% whilst Yahoo’s Ask sitting in third place.

Recently, Microsoft has been employing some aggressive promotional tactics to get people to use Bing. Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8 comes pre-installed with Bing instead of Google.

Analyst Luca Paderni, from Forrester Research, said: “In the UK, Bing has been using very aggressive tactics of promotion for last few months, in preparation for the Christmas season.

“But Google is still dominant, and we would need to see a trend over more months to call it a consistent decline.”

Google may be the leading search engine in many places around the world but alternative search engines have managed to beat Google in their home markets.

Such examples include Baidu in China where Baidu is the most used search engine whilst in Russia; Yandex sits ahead of Google on the search engine top trumps.Google Logo

Over in Europe, competitors who wish to compete with Google will need to concentrate their efforts on offering more than a standard search engine to improve their chances of rivalling Google Mr Paderni said.

“There’s increasingly more space for search services specialising in specific industries or topics,” he said.

Hitwise’s digital insight manager said that web users were “demanding more of the engines they interact with everyday”.

“The search engines that remain reliable, relevant and useful will be the ones that profit in the future.”

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