Grand Theft Auto V Launch Date Set

The game series known for its violence and controversial idea for a game which causes many issues with the pubic as well as the reasoning for higher crime is set to see a new game which will be out in Spring 2013.

Rockstar games have announced that there will be a new Grand Theft Auto game coming out in 2013 although the company is known for delaying the launch of games so the time of spring is not much to hope for. Either way it should be out before 2013 draws to a close.

More information on Grand Theft Auto V should be announced soon as it is a bit too early to be announcing anything other than there been a release of a new game. However it is supposed to be the feature on the next cover of Game Informer which should bring many more details on the release.

The information given only shows us a Playstation 3 and an Xbox 360 release so there is no mention about a computer version of this game which is disappointing to see however there is plenty of time for something to be announced about it.

The game will be set in a re-imagined but present day Southern California. It is set in the city of Los Santos and for miles in other directions. It shall feature scenery from the tops of mountains to the bottom of oceans.

On November 5th (next week) you can buy a pre-order of the game which seems a bit pointless due to the amount of time (and delayed time that is bound to come from Rockstar games) but for those hardcore Grand Theft Auto fans, you can buy your own copy and most likely end up with some form of extra features.

Information is currently unknown however we will start to know more in November which will give us an insight for what to expect. However it is pretty easy to know what will happen as it is the same sort of idea of theft, prostitutes and a mass of crime.