Hackers use Cortana to control lamps and take print outs of a basic grocery list

cortanadfThe abilities to change our lives for the good using the Virtual assistants such as Google Now, Apple Siri and Cortana are already incredible. Although Cortana is the youngest one among the major counterparts, it doesn’t make it any inferior. Microsoft had added the ability communicate with third-party apps to Cortana which makes it a huge deal. The possibilities are almost endless and recently a team of hackers just proved this.

Using the backend for devices connected to the Internet of Things from Onion.io, a team of hackers used voice commands to make Cortana turn off and on lamps. they also managed to make a print out of a basic grocery list. This is just the beginning in my opinion. Consider if you can control the home automation functionality by giving voice commands to Cortana. You can adjust the lighting, adjust the temperature, start playback of music on you home theater system etc, the possibilities are simply limitless and incredible at the same time. Anyway for all these to happen the companies need to implement the tech and you just have to wait for that. Check out the source for doing the Cortana light controls by yourself.


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