Head of Samsung Mobile confirms 11 millions Galaxy S5 sales

Developer Options in Galaxy S5Samsung’s head of Mobile JK Shin has confirmed that the company’s latest flagship device is doing much better than its predecessor Galaxy S4 in the market. According to the latest estimates the company managed to sell 11 million units of Galaxy S5 within its first month of availability. This is 10% more than Galaxy S4 in the same time period. But we have to consider that Galaxy S4 was only introduced in 60 countries at first whereas Galaxy S5 was introduced in 125 countries simultaneously on April 11 in its debut.

Speaking about the Galaxy S5, Shin said that “it may not have eye-popping technology but the features are practical”

The company did manage to introduce a lot of very useful features in its current flagship device, the water resistant build is just on example of that. According to Samsung around 30% of phones brought to its after-sales service centers were there because of water or liquid damage having been inflicted upon them.

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