Heads Up! Windows 10 for Smartphones Show Us What to Expect

No wonder our savvy techie geeks knew what’s hot right now! Just in, there are some leaked images that show us what to expect from the new and improved Windows 10 for smartphones. The leaks show why the Windows 10 phone will be preffered than buying an iPhone. Yes, indeed. It was posted by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile that we are all still waiting for Microsoft to completely reveal everything that their new Windows 10 has to offer.

Here’s also the thing: Windows Blog Italia finally posted some “sneak peaks” to the much awaited talk of the internet: Windows 10. They have posted several screenshots allowing all of us to know and see how amazing this features will be. They have posted screen shots especially to give us a hint on what to expect to their new Windows 10 Office app.

Here’s what they’ve got:

  • The first big thing is the branding: the operating system calls itself Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview.
  • Windows Phone allows users to customize how and what their settings look would like; how can they easily access it with a flavor of uniqueness.
  • The Control Panel and Hard Drive icons have new icons matching everything which we’ve seen in build 9926.
  • The screenshot using the new Windows Phone is much better than android.

All in all, we are all just spectators in this one great show. Our team is actually excited to give you another hindsight about the new Windows 10 for phones! Also, Windows 10 for desktops and tablets have already been available as a Technical Preview for users to test.

We can say, Microsoft is totally rolling out to do it in the preview edition for Windows 10 phones. Let us hope for the best folks!

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