Heartbleed bug is now patched on GMail, along with most of the Google services

Heartbleed bugThe ssl bug Heartbleed which allowed attackers to access loads of sensitive loads of sensitive internet data is now fixed on Gmail along with most of the services Google provides. The vulnerability is so huge that anyone with good knowledge on how these things work will be able to access literally any data which was signed by openssl’s vulnerable version. This includes, Yahoo, Google along with most of the internet services which relied on openSSL. But if you are a Google services user you don’t have to worry about the bug as of now. Google was really fast in patching the bug in most of their internet services which includes GMail, Play, Search, Wallet, Apps, App Engine & YouTube. As for Android all the versions of Android excpet Android 4.1.1 are safe. And Google has said that they have already started sending the patching details to its partners for distribution.

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