How to enable USB debugging and developer options in Android 4.2 and higher (Android 4.2/Android 4.3/Android 4.4)

If you’re having an android device with running Android 4.2 or Android 4.3 you might be wondering where the developer options went. For most of the customizations you will need to enable the USB debugging on your phone. In all the previous android versions you can simply hop into the settings menu and go to developer options submenu to enable the USB debugging. But in the latest versions of android, Google has hidden the developer options so that people with less knowledge won’t mess up their devices.

Anyway if you have been trying to figure out the way to enable USB debugging don’t search any more. Here are the steps to enable the Developer Options on your phone.

How to enable Developer Options submenu(USB Debugging) on Android 4.2/Android 4.3/Android 4.4:

    1. Go to Settings menu on your device.
    2. Go to About submenu. In some devices the About submenu will be under “More”/”General” submenu. On some other devices (mostly HTC devices you will have to goto Settings> About> Software Information> More)
    3. Now scroll to “Build Number” and tap it 7 times.
    4. After tapping 7 times you will see an alert saying “You are now a developer”/”Developer mode has been enabled”.
    5. Now if you go to your Settings menu, you will see the developer options submenu over there.
    6. Tap on the Developer options and then turn on USB Debugging.

So I hope I have helped you. Let me know if you have any doubts.