How To Get Moto X Active Display On Any Android Smart Phone

The Active Display feature from Motorola’s latest flagship Moto X is one feature that has attracted much praise. If you’re wondering if you can get that feature on your android smartphone you’re in luck. There is an app for that on Android play store which works exactly like it on Moto X. If you’re not planning to buy Moto X this will be your best bet. In this how to article I will be covering this app.

First of all if you don’t know what this Active Display or Active Notifications means, its a feature which will display the notifications about any new calls, messages, missed calls etc on your lock screen without actually waking the device up. This feature will work perfectly on AMOLED screen by activating the display on the needed parts only so that the display will not be active except the place where the notification is being shown thus by not taking up much battery charge. Another good thing about active display is, it looks gorgeous. Here are a few screen shots:

This Active Display app does have almost all the features when compared to the feature from Moto X. The features include adjusting the brightness of the active display notifications, swiping up for directly going to the app which sent you the notifications, swiping left or right for deleting the notifications etc. You can select the apps from which you may want to receive the active display notifications. The app itself is free although if you choose to buy the premium version you will get a handful of premium features. These premium features include:

  • “Custom timeout”: Select for how long ActiveNotifications should be shown
  • “Sleep at night”: Don’t show notifications at night
  • “More privacy”: Hide additional notification details
  • “Adjust screen brightness”: Select how bright the ActiveNotifications screen should be
  • Automatically switch off screen when dismissing notifications

The app is now compatible with Android >=4.0.

So download and install it and make use of the Active display feature on your phone now itself. Please don’t forget to share your reviews about the app here.

Active Display App Download Link: ActiveNotifications

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