How to use Siri to control the lights in your house

Siri is a new IOS home kit that assists in controlling the home lighting system using a person’s voice. This home automation system can now be combined with other home kit enabled lights control systems in homes. In case one does not have the capability of purchasing an Iphone, and Hue kit or any other Home kit lighting system Apple watch can also be used to control the light from your wrist or even the phone.

As a matter of fact, no one needs this voice-controlled system, but it’s already 21st century when each and every individual has to move from the old-fashioned style of flipping switches this is as long as you already have an Iphone installed with Siri. According to, it’s important to note that when using the home kit lighting system it is necessary to use the smart bulbs and then add the voice control to the smart bulb system.

This integration has completely changed the way the lighting systems in most homes and how people interact with their lighting system. One of the advantages of this automated lighting system is that it can be used to regulate the light intensity such as dimming all the builds or even switching all the bulbs to a sweet and perfect brightness or even switching the TV using a command on the phone or the Iphone watch. If a person is using the Apple watch or the new Iphone 6 one does not have to touch the device, it’s just uttering the command, and everything is done as required.siri_lights_home

What do you need?

To regulate your home lighting system, you are required to have several things: You need to have, and IOs handset that supports Siri and can is upgradable to at least iOS 8.1.Therefore, this rules out older Iphone devices below Iphone 4s, 5th and first generation iPad and older models of iPod touch. All other IOS products up to 8.1

Setting it up

Setting up the system will vary in different home kit lighting products. Once the system has been installed physically, there will only be an extra procedure you must conduct using the controlling ions device and the necessary application for your lighting system.


In conclusion, it’s important to note that, some of the commands can somehow be tricky for sure since they can be part of other commands. Siri, for instance, is desperately looking for ways to parse out various names into the contact action and the calendar action.