HTC decides to venture into the highly competitive camera industry

Reports tell us the HTC may introduce a GoPro-rivalling camera but the question is; Will it be striking and jagged? Only time will tell, but we can be sure of one thing, this is a highly competitive market and HTC will face severe competition from camera/cell-phone giants like Samsung and Apple. HTC may be looking for developing something unique which will create a different appeal to its consumers.

HTC’s camera is in the development stage and they are adding features like, high resolution and water proofing as they are aiming at the extreme sports segment. On the other hand GoPro is evaluating their strategy as they forecast some serious competition. The new concept of a water proof camera sounds very interesting to many consumers and this creates a bigger opportunity for HTC to widen their target market.

Reports tell us that the camera will be revealed and will have a 16 mega pixel camera with a wide-angle lens. We are also getting reports that it will connect easily to both IOS and android devices. Additionally HTC may introduce their own applications which will complement the camera. These reports have created a rush within the industry as the heavy weight enters this industry with latest, innovative technology and high hopes.

At this point there are not many other features known about this device but it’s been reported that the camera will be a standalone device that can be easily be connected to smartphones, a unique feature? Maybe not, but surely it is a well thought out one and one that could work very well considering HTC’s expertice in smartphones.

The new camera might make its debut on the 8th of October, according to sources HTC is currently sending out invitations to an event on the 8th of October where the reveal of this new product is expected as well as a new smart phone which is also expected to be revealed.

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