HTC Nexus 9 to arrive on October 8th?

The HTC Nexus 9 may be the highlight of the event in October. Reports tell us that the Nexus 9 leak revealed the tablet to have a 64bit Tegra K1 while the Nexus 8 might have a keyboard cover like the Microsoft Surface.

Asus will supposedly no longer be in the Nexus tablet business with the debut of Google’s much-awaited follow up, setting the venue for a new generation of Android tablets made by HTC that could be announced as early as next month.

There are reports that an unidentified source at an HTC manufacturing facility in Brazil has evidently revealed news on the company’s next tablet, which is said to be similar to last year’s Nexus 7. There is a rumor that the Nexus 9 has 9 inch 1080p HD display, hence the name. Reports tell us that the Nexus 9 can make its debut on the 8th of October at a media event and will probably, like the other Nexus units, run vanilla Android without HTC’s Sense UI.

This conformation came directly from Nvidia who made it public knowledge last week and they specifically mentioned Nexus 9 to be expected in the 3rd quarter of this year.

The tablet is said to offer smart lens and extreme sports features while there is question that would take a tablet to an extreme sport? The tablet can be controlled from a smart phone App or Android.

There are also rumors that the tab may have a 4 GB ram and 16 GB storage with the option of upgrading it to 128GB.

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