HTC One M8 software update hits Canada, comes with Extreme Power Saving and camera tweaks

HTC One M8 Software UpgradeCanadian HTC One M8 owners are seeing the first ever software upgrade for their phones as we write this. The upgrade comes with a new power saving feature called “Extreme Power Saving Feature” and a few “camera and gallery feature enhancements.” The “Extreme Power Saving Feature” was available in the European devices at launch.

The super low power mode cuts down all the connections from the phone but still allows phone calls and texts to come through. Unlike the Airplane mode you can not simply make it do things like enabling WiFi or something else. By enabling the Extreme Power Saving Feature the phone will give you a new home screen and you will have to exit the feature by tapping on the dedicated exit button before you can use all the features. According to HTC even with just 5% of battery remaining, the phone will last 15 hours with this Extreme mode.

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