HTC Plans to Recruit Robert Downey Jr In A $12 Million Marketing Deal

Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr

According to a Bloomberg report HTC is planning on recruiting the IronMan Actor Robert Downey Jr in a $12 million marketing deal. Its interesting how this news came soon after Samsung using Jay Z’s works to promote their products.

According to the reports the million dollar actor will be appearing in several promotional campaigns for HTC along with a plan to play few roles in creative aspects. The obviously is a huge deal for HTC as Robert Downey Jr has already signed with Disney to play the IronMan role in the upcoming movies Avengers 2 and 3. This will be enough to get the attention HTC needs for now as Robert Downey Jr will be in the forefront of the entertainment industry for quite a long time considering this new contract of the actor to play the much praised IronMan character in these movies.

First Samsung and Jay Z, now HTC and Robert Downey Jr, now who will be next? Lets hope the manufacturers focus on the customer needs too along with the marketing stunts. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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