HTC is rumored to launch HTC One M8 on April 8th

All New HTC One - M8

According to a latest rumor, HTC will be launching their latest flagship device on April 8, just 2 weeks after the announcement. The announcement date for the flagship device is on March 25th but there was no word on when it will go on sale. The rumor about the launch date comes from  the Russian based website HTCFamily and says the smartphone “is launching two weeks after”. This might help HTC to be a step ahead considering their flagship will be launched and available for purchasing a few days before Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5.

HTCFamily from Russia was the very first one to post the leaked images of  HTC One M8, the All New HTC One. So there is a good possibility that this rumor also is a legit one. The source also had said that, the All New HTC One will be available in 110 countries around thee world.


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