HTC Sense 5.5 screenshots leaked

HTC Sense 5.5HTC is all set to launch its latest flagship phablet HTC One Max within a few days. Looks like HTC One Max is going to have an updated version of HTC Sense UI, Sense 5.5. Will it be the first device to sport Sense 5.5, still remains a question. But the screenshots reveal a lot about the new features and enhancements that Sense 5.5 has to offer.

The Blinkfeed perhaps was one of the most distinctive features of HTC Sense 5.0, but some people didn’t want this feature to make mess on their home screens. The feature became controversial because once its activated, there was no turning back, HTC One X/X+ were the only exceptions. HTC One X/X+ will let you choose between classic home screen & Blinkfeed. Anyway that’s changing in the next version of sense. According to the leaks, you will be able to turn the Blinkfeed completely off and still use the new homescreen in Sense 5.5.

But that’s not all, there are a lot of small and large tweaks everywhere throughout the UI. Check out the screenshots below from HTC Sense 5.5 to know what you can expect from the updated sense.


Source: Pocket Lint

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