Hubic cloud online storage servcie is real cheap – gives you 25 GB for free and 100 GB for just 1euro

hubic online storageI am kind of surprised why I haven’t come across this Dropbox killer service called Hubic. The service is dead cheap and comes from a reliable company known as OVH. OVH is one of the world’s biggest webhosting provider. Currently number 1 web hosting provider in Europe and globally number 3.

They basically have 3 plans, one the free 25GB online storage, the other one 100 GB for 1 / month and the last and best deal 10 TB for just 10 per month. The features are like all the other major cloud file storage providers.

  • Automatic folder synchronization across your computers.
  • Share files and folders via a share link.
  • No maximum file size.
  • Applications for smartphones and tablets – iPhones, iPads, Windows Phone 8, Android and BlackBerry.
  • Web application: access your hubiC space with a simple internet browser.
  • Data is copied in 3 seperate datacentres in France.
  • SSL file transfers.

If you haven’t tried they I guess you should, link is given in the source section below. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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