HUDWAY has made driving and texting simultaneously very safe

The brand new gadget HUDWAY will make your driving safe and sound while you are using your phone. It is a piece of glass which turns any kind of smartphone into a heads-up display. This device transfers the information from your smartphone to this very slim layer of curved glass, which will be mounted in front of your dashboard and help you with navigation and messages.

Almost every day we hear or read in the newspaper that people have lost their life because they were texting of looking at their phone while they were driving. But if you acquire this gadget there is no chance of that happening to you, as the HUDWAY’s display glass will be placed in front of your eyes, so you can look at your smartphone without taking your eyes off the road. The company is promoting this device as a very safe device to use while you are in the driver’s seat.

This device’s main goal was to help with the navigation, but it is very useful in little light or low-visibility situations. One user even said that HUDWAY has saved his life as his eyes were on the road instead of his smartphone.

HUDWAY is also designed in a very specific way so that you can use it for texting, tweeting etc, you can even watch videos while you are driving, although HUDWAY always advises their customers to park their car before they watch a video.

Although before HUDWAY there was another company who introduced the heads-up display on your windshield idea. Garmin presented us the same thing for use, but it is an independently sold street pilot product which is known as Navigon. There were some vehicles who came with an augmented reality navigation system such as Chevrolet Stingray and Audi S6 Sedan.

All the above ideas are much expensive whereas you can get HUDWAY in 49$. Navdy is a very similar thing where curved is used as display, but its price is too high 299$.

There are some key features that have made this particular device very popular, like its affordable price, and as the most number of distracted drivers are under the age of 20 they cannot afford high-quality navigation system so they are dependent on their smartphones.

Installing the device is a very easy process, HUDWAY says that you can just attach the device on your dashboard and use the app comfortably. The customer will type in where they want to go and the information will be transferred to the display glass.