Indian customers see a 12% price cut on Apple iPhone 5C 16 GB variant

iphone-5cAccording to latest reports from Indian readers of TNC, folks at India has been watching a rare trend in the market. One of the Apple’s products is seeing a nationwide price cut. The device in question is Apple iPhone 5C 16 GB variant. Apple had never officially reduced the price of their smartphones unless they had a new device to be launched.

Apple iPhone 5C 16 GB variant is now available on most of the stores with a price tag of Rs 36,999. The launch price of the device was Rs 41,990. Anyway we don’t see any price cuts for its 32 GB variant which is surprising.

There is no word on this from Apple yet. But c0nsidering the dropped prices are not an isolated event Apple may be have some part in this. We have contacted Apple regarding this for more information.

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