Indian Doctor Performs The Second Ever Google Glass Surgery

Google GlassSince Google announced their wearable computing device Google Glass, we have seen a lot of inspirational and innovative applications for it. The latest one is a couple of surgeries performed by a doctor wearing google Glass and thus by helping a lot of medical students to see it via live streaming. And this makes the first ever Google Glass Surgery in India too.

The surgeries were performed by Chennai based Dr JS Rajkumar, chairman of Lifeline Hospital. One surgery was for a 43 year old man with severe heat burns and the other was for a 46 year old women who developed a hernia after undergoing a bariatric surgery. The doctor admitted that he was a bit tense at the start of the surgeries.

“As a surgeon I could access whatever information was available on the surgery right inside the operation theatre, and it is also a boon for medical students who can watch the surgery live on their computer screens anywhere in the world. Expert surgeons can guide surgeons during difficult surgeries from any part of the world ” – said Dr Rajkumar.

He also said more Google Glass equipped surgeries have been planned for the coming weeks.


Source: HT

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