Indian Government said to secretly track web activity


The Indian government is apparently carrying out Internet surveillance on citizens, in stark contrast with the same governments rules and notifications for ensuring communications privacy.

According to an investigation by the Chennai based publication, The Hindu, Lawful Intercept and Monitoring (LIM) systems have been deployed for use by the country’s Center for Development of Telematics (D-DOT) to monitor Internet traffic, Web browsing, Skype and other internet activities.

The systems are owned and operated by the Indian government unlike similar systems that are deployed by local Internet Service Providers, which have to comply with the Indian Telegraph Act and Rule 419(A) of the country’s IT rules according to the publication.

The LIMs are said to be installed between the edge router and core network, and apparently have 100 percent  access to the online activity of the country’s 160 million internet users. It also has an “always live” link so that it can be operated without legal oversight of ISP knowledge.

Source – CNET

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