Instagram users upload 5 million videos within 24 hours


On Thursday, Facebook-owned Instagram added video capabilities to its iOS and Android applications, thus giving its users a way to capture their moments by shooting and sharing up to 15 seconds worth of video. The feature, one which bears resemblance to Twitter’s Vine application, appears to be a hit with the 130 million active Instagram users, who within eight hours, uploaded so many videos that it would take you an entire year to watch every single one.

At its peak, 40 hours of video were uploaded per minute onto Instagram. This ‘peak’ came during NBA finals on Thursday according to the spokesperson.

However, despite the impressive numbers, not everyone appears to be in love with the new addition to Instagram. Apple pundit and widely follower technology blogger, John Gruber said that video capabilities actually makes Instagram worse.

“Thankfully there’s a setting to turn off ‘Auto-Play Videos’; otherwise I’d abandon ship,” he said.


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