Intel plans to make processors with operating system locks

IntelThe  technical account manager at INTEL corp. Frank Kuypers, announced that Intel will be manufacturing a new line of processors with hooks which will prevent you from actually installing different operating systems. For example if you bought a phone with android you will not be able to install free Cyanogenmod Android kernel on it. The announcement was done at a GOLEM interview at CEBIT 2014 fair and the report says this new feature implementation will begin with the new 2014 “Merrifield” 64 bit SoC chip generation.

[quote_box_center]In the Intel network only mobiles with certain Android versions are allowed to use certain functionalities. If you then replace your Android version, e.g. by a free Cyanogenmod Android kernel, not only some chips would stop working, e.g. LTE/UMTS, but also mails from your employer would be blinded out, because now the processor itself would ‘classify’ the new software as ‘risk’.

Now, beginning with the new 2014 power efficient mobile “Merrifield” processor generation, this functionality will be used to lock the processor for certain OS’es or OS versions. Whether there will be a SDK or use of this ‘functionality’ will be kept a secret, still is undecided, Kuypers said.[/quote_box_center]

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