Intel plans a voice assistant which works offline too

Intel JarvisIntel is planning big for their soon to be launched Jarvis –  the voice assistant. Since Apple launched Siri we have seen quite a lot of impressive works from both big giants in the technology industry and small time app developers. The most noteworthy attempt is Google Now which is quite impressive and sometimes works better than Siri.

Now when it comes to using these voice assistants the device has to be online with an active data pack. Without the connection to internet none of the current voice assistants work. But Intel says this is not enough.

“How annoying is it when you’re in Yosemite and your personal assistant doesn’t work because you can’t get a wireless connection?”

– Says Intel head of wearables Mike Bell

So Intel plans to use their new Edison mini computer which will do all the language processing from right behind the ear instead of sending the data to the remote servers. But the technology is so advanced for the current time and will not be launched anytime soon. Bell also said that Intel is planning to sell the voice recognition technology instead of selling it directly to the users.

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