iOS 7 adoption breaks previous record


Apple’s iOS 7 mobile operating system has been live for less than 10 days. but impressive sets of numbers are already coming in. According to several estimates, iOS 7 accounted for 30% of the total iOS ecosystem within the first 24 hours alone. Since then, the numbers have kept on growing dramatically, making iOS 7 “fastest software upgrade in history” according to Apple.

Despite that comment, Apple did not take the time to provide exact figures, but that is where two handy third-party marketing platforms step in. Fiksu and Mixpanel have been willing to share their numbers and statistics with the world. Fiksu estimates that just 188 hours after iOS 7’s release, iOS  7 now accounts for 57.6% of the entire Apple ecosystem. Mixpanel shows a similar set of statistics, with their numbers claiming that 60.97% of all iOS users are now using iOS 7.


Source – Phone Arena

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