iOS 7 hurting your battery life? Here’s a few handy tips!

If you’ve downloaded Apple’s latest iOS offering, iOS 7, you may well be enjoying the raft of new features that come with it. However, these very same features may be hurting your battery life. We don’t mean the big, new standout features sure as the notification centre or AirDrop, no no, we mean those features that are hidden away in the back-alleys of menus.

Below we’ve compiled some handy tips that may help you to make the most of your iPhone’s battery.

Automatic Updates

This setting enables you to keep your apps up to date automatically. No longer must you go through the App Store and click ‘Update’ on your apps, iOS 7 now does this automatically for you! Apple have said that this very feature is designed to be power-conscious, but if you know you’re going to be somewhere without a charger for a fair amount of time, it’s in your best interest to disable it.

To disable automatic updates, go to Settings > iTunes and Apple Store, and then disable the Updates option. Once you’ve turned that off, don’t forget to check your app store for new app updates. iOS won’t be doing that for you anymore!

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Background App-refreshing

This feature is one that lets your apps stay active in the background whilst you’re off texting your mate or needlessly flinging birds at pigs. However, the problem comes with that every single app you have is set to refresh by default, stealing some power from your precious battery.

To turn off this option, head to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. In the window you’re greeted with, you can choose to turn off the feature all together or disable it for those apps that don’t need it on.

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Frequent Locations (Location Services)

One huge battery drain for any device is location-based applications and services. Such services usually apply to mapping apps but hiding in the settings of iOS are a couple of location options that could be doing the dirty on your battery.

If you want to take a gander, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and then scroll down and choose System Services. Some of these options are infact designed to improve your experience but they certainly do not improve your battery’s experience. Disable any options for things that you don’t need, such as iAds. Then head on over to Frequent Locations feature and hit the button on that as well.

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The choice to have a search that will search your entire phone for everything and anything you desire is a handy feature. But it also means that Spotlight is constantly looking around your phone for new data and then it is of course, indexing any new data. Surprisingly enough, it’s a battery drainer!

If you use Spotlight religiously, this one won’t be for you. But if you can miss out on a few options being included, take a look!

Go to Settings > General > Spotlight Search and then uncheck those items that you certainly do not need indexing.

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