iOS 9. Is Apple preparing a special edition for older models?

iOS 9 seems  now to be a fact. It is expected to be announced during the first few days of June at the WWDC 2015 and debut along with the new romoured iPhone 7 in September. As it usually happens some devices are left behind and don’t get the newest upgrades because they are not all found suitable.

According to the most recent information from 9to5Mac, Apple has decided that this year they want to launch a special edition of iOS 9 for the older iPhones and iPads, something that will be revealed at June’s  convention.

The core version of iOS 9 for older smartphones may not have all the features of the basic editions but it will allow to devices such as iPhone 4 and iPad mini to be upgraded which is better than nothing. After many tests and if it is certified that there no bugs or malfunctions, Apple might add a few more features to the special edition (core version).

In both the basic and the special editions, some extra security measures will be taken to assure that the devices stay protected from the all the new even more advanced threats. More particularly, there is going to be a new feature called Rootless. This will give to all Apple apps an encryption just like the iCloud files. In addition, it will protect from malware and secure sensitive personal information while at the same time the iOS will be harder to be jailbroken.

In the new operating system, Apple will focus more on modifications that will improve the user’s experience  and less on hardware changes.

Needless to say (or at this case, type) that some of the information above is official statements by the company and some other information has been published by third party trustworthy sources. No matter what features the new iOS 9 comes out with, releasing a new operating system that will be upgradable to older devices as well is a great idea especially for those who don’t own the newest iPhones  or iPads.

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