iOS7 Flaw Lets Users Bypass Lockscreen

Apple released their latest version of mobile operating system, iOS7 a couple of days back. Now that almost all the users have experienced the new look and feel we’re hearing a lot of complaints and praises about the os. The latest one among this is about flaw which lets users bypass the lockscreen of the device and then lets the user access the social media profiles. An iOS7 user has posted a video demonstrating how this is possible with a device with iOS7. The flaw doesn’t let the attacker to use the entire system though.

How Does The iOS7 Lock Screen Bypass Flaw Work:

  • Access the control centre from lock screen
  • Fire up the camera by using quick toggle
  • Go back and fire up the alarm clock
  • Long press the power key and hit cancel
  • Just as you hit cancel, double tap the home button which will give you the multi tasking menu

Anyway this doesn’t let you access the apps that were running in the background, but you can go through the camera roll and share a photo on social networking sites like twitter. Apple has already addressed this issue and said, will be fixing this issue in the next OS7 update. If this security flaw bothers you, you can go to settings -> control centre and toggle Access on Lock Screen button to off.

Here is the posted video demonstrating iOS7 flaw which lets you bypass the lockscreen:


Source: Phone Arena

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