iPhone 6 might come with Electronic Image Stabilization and larger, 1.75μm pixels

iPhone 6According to latest rumors Apple is planning to make the iPhone 6 camera more awesome by introducing Electronic Image Stabilization and larger, 1.75μm pixels. The news comes from MacRumors and is suggesting that Apple will be ditching its Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) in favor of Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). Also the current pixel size 1.5μm of the iPhone 5S camera will be increased to make it 1.75μm pixels.

The reason behind this is said to be, Apple’s decision to make the device thinner and for that you need to avoid as much mechanical parts as you can. The OIS needed moving mechanical parts whereas the EIS technology can avoid all those and work based on smart software algorithms that try to compensate for movement. Now this has another advantage which shouldn’t be under-appreciated at all, the production cost of the module will also be reduced considerably.

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