iPhone 6s: 5 Unique features

We have talked about it already and one would think that we’ve already mentioned everything that can be mentioned about the iPhone 6s. But the truth is that Apple’s new pride is expected with a great interest, like many of the company’s products, and this time, we present you the 5 unique features of the new iPhone 6S that add to the excitement.

The first feature that captures our attention for the upcoming iPhone 6S is the improved camera. Rumour has it that it will have a 12 Megapixel sensor, while it will also be able to capture video with 4K quality. Also, it is estimated that is will offer the ability to record video in slow motion, with 240 frames per second.

One more feature that we eagerly expect, is the support of the new Force Touch technology, which will “understand” how much pressure one puts when touching the scree, like it happens with the Apple Watch (click here, to read about the downfall of Apple Watch’s sales). The Force Touch technology will lead to a different way of handling the apps and the device’s menu.

Moreover, the iPhone 6S is expected to give us a taste of the new Apple’s operating system, the iOS 9, which has an advanced function of digital assistants like Siri and the change of interaction between the user and the smartphone, depending on the user’s special preferences and needs. The updates of the new operating system, will be of smaller size, while Apple promises more independence and autonomy with the new iOS 9.

On top of all the above, the iPhone 6S will come with the A9 processor, which will combine for the first time with a 2 GB RAM, something that will make the device able to stand multi-tasking with great ease. There is also a rumour that wants the new processor being smaller in size, in order for the device to fit a larger battery.

Finally, on the iPhone 6S, we expect to see an improved aluminium alloy which, according to Apple, is 60% more powerful than the aluminium that is used today in most cases, since it has the density of steel.

Apple for once again is about to release to the world its next pride, and this will probably gain her a lot of ground on the smartphones industry. What is left to see is which one of all those rumours mentioned above, will turn out to be true in the final presentation (of course we do hope that all of the rumours mentioned above are true). However only time will tell so until then, stay tuned to read all the latest news about this and many other hot topics!