iPhone 7 already on the way?

Despite the fact that Apple just recently released the iPhone 6 , rumours want the company to be already working on the next smartphone that will of course be – as said – the iPhone 7. At least that is the information that was first published by the tech site the Inquirer.

According to the same rumours, the new smartphone, will have plenty of similarities with the previous iPhones especially on the outside design (come to think about it, all the iPhones have similar designs more or less). The device will have an OLED screen, just like the one that was used on the Apple  Watch, with  scratch protection technology.

The new iPhone which is expected to be released sometime during the next year, will more probably come out in two editions, one with a 4.7inch screen and a bigger one with a 5.5inch screen. The rumours also talk about a curved screen like the one used in the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones by Samsung.

Inquirer’s information also speak of the new smartphone that will embody a new – uncirculated so far – edition of the iOS 9 operating system, that is expected to be first exhibited at Apple’s WWDC convention which will take place in June.

As for the internal features of the device, it is speculated that the iPhone 7 will come with a A9 chip by TSCMC and 2GB of RAM. As It happened with the previous iPhones, buyers will be able to choose between  16GB, 64GB and 128GB.

The first major upgrade on the new rumoured smartphone is the camera. Apple is said to go with the new Sony’s sensor, Exmoor RS with 21MP resolution.

The device is most likely to be presented for the first time, this September at a special demonstration. However Apple may even release the iPhone 7 on August.

So far, the company has made no official statement according to the name, or the price of the new device that has made such a big fuss already.

That leaves us with nothing more than rumours since there has been no confirmation by official sources. Of course, rumours are usually based on the truth or some part of it but since we can’t be certain for any of the above, once again, all we can do is wait.

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