ITC Bans Several Samsung Devices In The US

It was only last week President Obama used his presidential Veto against ITC’s sales ban on Apple iPhone 4 and iPad 2. Last Thursday ITC ordered another sales ban, this time the victim is Samsung. On Thursday ITC rules that several of Samsung’s devices is infringing on a couple of Apple’s patents which could lead to a sales ban for the devices which were found to be infringing Apple’s patents.

The names of the devices were not disclosed in the court document so no one actually knows which are the devices. But Phone Arena pointed out that  Samsung Transform (SPH-M920), Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 and Samsung Galaxy S II did not infringe any patents so they might not be in the danger of a sales ban. ITC also ruled that 4 other patent infringements which Apple filed, were not being infringed by Samsung.

“With today’s decision, the ITC has joined courts around the world in Japan, Korea, Germany, Netherlands and California by standing up for innovation and rejecting Samsung’s blatant copying of Apple’s products. Protecting real innovation is what the patent system should be about.”-Apple statement

“Apple has been stopped from trying to use its overbroad design patents to achieve a monopoly on rectangles and rounded corners. The proper focus for the smartphone industry is not a global war in the courts, but fair competition in the marketplace. Samsung will continue to launch many innovative products and we have already taken measures to ensure that all of our products will continue to be available in the United States.”-Adam Yates, Samsung spokesman

Samsung can still sell these devices as of now. Samsung’s future now resides in the hand of the Presidential review board. Considering the fact that Apple is a US company and Samsung is head quartered in South Korea, I guess the decision of the presidential review board will be in favour of Apple. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.


Source: AllThingsD

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