It’s finally here: The new iOS 9

The latest iOS version has been released by Apple and is available for download on your Apple devices. It can be updated both over the air and by plugging into iTunes. There was a long wait for this version to release and since it finally has, there will obviously be a lot of people trying to get it on their devices as soon as possible.
Due to the high demand of the iOS 9 update, a lot of traffic shall be encountered while downloading the update and, therefore, waiting out a few days could cut down on the download time. Apple generally queues up users for large downloads like this one. Therefore, the chances are that it could take several hours to download. If you can’t wait to give the update a try, please go ahead. However, due to reasons mentioned above, you should be better off downloading it after a couple of days.
Before downloading the update, Apple requests that you backup your device’s files and settings so that it can be restored for normal operation in case of any kind of failure. If you are unable to view the update, then it is highly likely that it is due to the huge traffic and it would possibly need waiting out for a few minutes or so.
The new update brings in a host of new improvements and features over the previous operating system. Applications like Spotlight and Siri are much more powerful, thanks to the updates. The new iOS lets you block ads in Safari using Content Blockers that can be downloaded from the store. Other apps like Notes, Wallet and Maps have also been updated and should be functioning much better. A new app to discover with this update is the News app. The Helvetica system font, first introduced in iOS 7, has been replaced by the new San Francisco font that has earlier been seen in the Apple Watch. The typography has been improved by making it airier. Also, the shift key on/off status indication style has been changed after receiving a lot of complaints from iPhone and iPad users.
Not only software updates, but the new iOS 9 will affect hardware specs as well as it extends battery life by almost an hour and has a Low Power mode that can conserve battery life, when it’s needed, to save over 3 hours.