iWatch by Apple: Set to Release by September 9, 2014

As people are getting more and more excited about the launch of a smart watch by Apple which is rumored to be released on 9th of September at the same time as iPhone 6, there are so many questions in the mind of these curious people. Some say, it is going to be a sort of wearable gadget, some say it’s going to be a typical wrist watch with some added smart technology, and some are thinking beyond. Nobody is sure though.

As per the rumors, it is going to be a device that can be worn on the wrist similar to a wrist watch that will run on iOS mobile Relevant Products/Services OS. It is scheduled to be released along with iPhone 6.

iwatchWhatever the release date will be; nobody is sure what the gadget is it going to be or what it will look like. Will it be a smart watch similar to the ones already in the market or will it be more of a fitness related device. While Apple will be releasing it this year, their rivals LG and Samsung already have one or more models out in the market and people already using them.

If this is going to be Apple’s fitness product, then you should be aware that Apple is not alone is this segment and the competition is fierce. There are Fitbit’s Flex and Nike’s Fuelband that have already attracted many gadget lovers. Other rumor says that is could be another Nano music smart watch or a smart watch with an iPod incorporated into it.

Better stay tuned for the release, what do you think the iWatch will be like?

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