Job posting hints at Canadian iTunes Radio release


Posted on the Jobs at Apple website, the job advertisement shows that Apple is clearly seeking an employee who will handle iTunes Radio programming in Canada where the service is yet to be launched.

The the highly detailed description, Apple is asking for  Toronto based candidate who can “execute the programming of iTunes Radio in Canada.” This person will also be in charge of featuring new releases and content across iTunes Radio’s many different stations, identifying new songs and managing weekly schedules amongst many other duties.

The Canadian Music Programmer will be an editorial voice of iTunes Radio, and will be responsible for keeping the product current. This person must have a passion for and deep knowledge of music across numerous genres and decades, and must demonstrate the ability to objectively program content relevant to iTunes customers. This will include deciding what music to feature on all iTunes Radio stations, entering music into the content management system, and creating seasonal and relevant editorial collections. It will require this person to decipher the most relevant mix of songs in particular genres.

At the current time, iTunes Radio is only available to those in the US but Apple has plans to roll out the service to over 100 countries. However, there is no timeline for this roll-out as of yet.

Source – Apple Insider

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