Judge Orders a New Apple Vs. Samsung Trial and Asks to Reevaluate $450.5 Million in Damages


Apple vs Samsung Lawsuit

The patent war between Samsung and Apple just got better/worse. The judge ordered a new Apple Vs. Samsung Trial to reevaluate $450.5 million in damages by cutting down it to $598,908,892 which Samsung has to pay to Apple.

Last year Samsung was ordered to pay a fine of 1.05 billion of damages to Apple and Samsung was trying so hard to make things change. It seems like Samsung managed to do something for better or worse. The judge ordered the damages $450.5 million damages has to be reevaluated under a new trial and the new trial will involve 14 Samsung products. Judge believes that Apple might have been entitled to the damages for sales which was not included in the original case.

This could be good for Samsung as they stand a chance to reduce the damages amount fighting Apple. But things could go worse for them than it already is as the current judge didn’t say the jury was incorrect the last time. Now keeping in mind that should there be any extra factors, Samsung will end up paying a larger amount than it already is. As both companies prepare for the new battle, we’re seeing a continuation of a patent war which never ends.

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