KIM DotCom to Revive Pacific Fibre Project

Pacific Fibre Route Map

KIM DotCom is definitely on a roll. Recently he tweeted about his plans to revive the “Pacific Fibre Project” which ceased its operations because of the insufficient funds on Aug 2012. The Pacific Fibre project was planning to build a 13,000km high-speed fibre-optic cable connecting New Zealand and Australia to California.

KIM made a twitter update on Nov 2nd saying about Free Broadband and the relaunch of the Pacific Fibre Project. According to  KIM’s plans the new fibre pipe will be connecting Australia, New Zealand, and United States. This way the cable would be free for all New Zealand ISP’s and thus by reducing the internet cost by atleast 1/5th of its current price. Also this new Pipe will provide Kiwi’s with an increased speed in the internet connections. KIM promises that, this new project once established, will increase the bandwidth with upto 5 times the current connection speeds.

KIM is saying that his new project Me.Ga will fund a part of this project. He wants to host his new business Me.Ga on New Zealand soil and this new pipeline would be an advantage for him if he’s able to finish the pipe line project. KIM’s another status update on twitter says that he will be arranging a meeting this week with the Pacific Fibre Founders.

Obviously all the Kiwi’s will welcome this idea, but the real question is whether US will allow this, considering that KIM is due for the hearing on his copyright infringement charges. To revive this project and finish it, Kim would need another $400 Million. So we just have to wait and see what happens next. Let us hear your comments below!

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Kim DotCom is a German born Internet entrepreneur, currently residing in New Zealand. Megaupload Limited was founded by KIM DOTCOM.

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