Kurio introduces the “safest” smartphone for kids


Kurio has unveiled a smartphone for children which includes parental controls, amongst other safety features. Kurio calls it “the safest smartphone for kids. Parents can control what apps are installed or indeed blocked. They can set people who cannot be added to the contact list, whilst also setting five primary contacts which little Johnny cannot remove from the phone.

As you can also imagine, parents can control the number of minutes their children use the phone to make calls, and they can also block the number of text messages that are being sent. However, parents cannot take a look at what the contents of their children’s SMS and MMS messages are.The GPS on the phone reports back to the parents on the child’s location every 15, 30 or 60 minutes. In addition to that, a geofence area can be set-up, meaning that if a child enters a restricted area, Mommy and Daddy will receive an alert.

“Kids want cell phones, but with access to this technology comes great responsibility. Kurio Phone includes additional parental controls to address safety concerns that come along with giving a child a mobile device, but they also promote the child’s independence and help foster an open parent-child dialogue. In fact, on the smartphone, the child will be able to monitor his or her own phone usage and see the parameters that mom and dad have set.”-Pieter van den Bosch, strategic director, KD Group

The Kurio phone comes with a 4 inch screen, 1GB of RAM and a multi-core processor. Back and front facing cameras and 3G connectivity also make an appearance. Android 4.2 comes pre-installed and you’ll have 4GB of on-board storage with a 32GB capacity microSD slot if want to store more.

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