Latest Version Of Google Authenticator For iOS Devices Wipes All The Existing User Accounts

Google AuthenticatorGoogle Authenticator is an app which gives you two factor authentication codes for the services which provides additional security layer for the users. But the latest update to this app on iOS is said to be wiping out all the associated accounts from the dvies instead of giving you the 2 factor access codes.

The news comes after a user at Hacker News(yCombinator) posted about the issue, which goes like this:

I upgraded Google Authenticator to the latest version this evening on my iPhone. It lost all my accounts.

DO NOT UPGRADE Google Authenticator or you’ll have a really bad day.

People on Twitter are starting to complain:

The new update which came today morning includes the support for retina display and iPhone 5. Since the update disconnects each and every service, you will have to resync all the apps which uses 2 factor authentication. So its best not to update the app until Google fixes the bug which caused it and launches a new one.

Have you already updated the Google Authenticator app? Let us know how it went for you by commenting below.

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