Leak: Intel’s UI Obsidian for Tizen Surfaces Internet

The next big thing after Android is already making a lot of buzz around the smart phone market. Today we saw a set of videos which shows the Intel’s UI known as Obsidian for Tizen. Tizen is an open source operating system for smart phones, tablets etc. which is being governed by Intel and Samsung. The project is mainly based on the Linux kernel and Web-kit runtime.

Now when coming to this leak, it was kind of obvious that Intel was planning on a separate UI for their devices which might run Tizen in future. The UI is known as Obsidian for the time being and includes some unique UI touches. The operating system is backed up by the Linux Foundation and is yet to be launched in physical devices.

The leak shows a couple of videos and pictures of the Obsidian UI and from what we see, the release version is not even close. It looks like the UI is still in its very early days of development. The icons are kind of flat and are very closely packed.

Here are some of those leaked pictures of Obsidian:

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