Leaked screenshots of Windows 9

Microsoft has lately decided to keep quiet about their upcoming flagship of Windows, espicailly after their not so impressive Windows 8 version. There have been speculations that Microsoft is working on a new build, probably known as ‘Windows 9’, continuing the series of its predecessor. The news that strikes the hardest is it could be getting rid of the metro interface, the peculiar feature of Windows 8, though its element will still be featuring in a different way.

Win9_1Windows 9 is a special flagship that’ll be featuring elements of both Windows 7 and Windows 8. It, in other words, will be blend of the user friendly interface of Windows 7 and the easily accessible live til
es similar to that of Windows 8. Unlike Windows 8, where one could have access to live tiles in the entire Metro interface, Windows 9 will incorporate a fundamental Start menu with compactly arranged live tiles as seen in above screenshot.

It seems like the concept of Windows 9 is to attract the hardcore mainstream desktop users who have a great affinity for the user friendly interface of Windows 7. Windows 9 will ditch the heart of start screen of Windows 8, and instead, live tiles will be embedded in the start menu itself. There are guesses that computer’s settings and sharing option may also be there in the start menu, which may cause some commotion.

The basic of 9 will be inheriting the basics of former flagship and will add some extra user supportive feature. According to Microsoft’s database, the Update 2 of Windows 8.1 will be released by the end of July. It also says that 9 could be available soon after this release, which means that this successor can be expected anytime in the last quarter of this year. Microsoft also declared that it will officially be ending the mainstream support of the Windows 7 at the break of 2015. This may sound like bad news for many 7’s lovers, but may introduce a new era of Windows series altogether, with some unexpected surprises!

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